Self-Publish Your Book in 5 Easy Steps

Rather than finding a publishing company, more and more authors prefer to self-publish their books. Self-publishing is the simplest way to publish a book independently. 

Here’s how you can self-publish your book:

1. Write

Start writing your first draft. Writing a book requires effort, time, and willingness to learn. Learn from your favorite writers, prioritize your writing and be patient with yourself.

2. Edit

Self-edit as much as you can. Before you hand your work to a professional editor, make sure you have done your editing share to save on costs. Let a professional editor help you ensure that your work is edited, polished, proofread.

3. Design

Work on creating a beautiful book cover design. A book cover is a great way to attract readers. Interior design such as formatting, font style, and font size is also important.

4. Publish

Publish your book either as an e-book or POD (Print on Demand). Doing so is cost-effective, and you will not end up with copies you couldn’t sell.

5. Market

Market your book effectively by promoting your title through online advertising, mailing lists, and price promotion.

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