Common Mistakes Writers Make: Procrastination

Procrastination is something that writers have in common. Sometimes we wait for inspiration to strike before starting to write anything. Often, we don’t do something proactive to overcome our mental block. We find reasons and devise excuses to put off writing. 

The whole process of writing is challenging and can be too technical. Writing also drains our emotional energy and often leaves us feeling depleted. 

We, writers, are serial procrastinators.

Many people may procrastinate, but this habit is most familiar to us. Why? Because we are afraid. Afraid of what, you may ask. We are crippled by the thought of creating something the world will not like. 

When you spend too much time worrying that you are not good enough, keep in mind that you are your worst critic and that most of your fears are unwarranted.

Just keep on writing. Even if you lack inspiration, get your pen and notebook or open your laptop and fire away. You’ll be surprised by how focused you can be once you started writing.

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