20 Effective Ways to Start a Story

How to get started is one of the hardest parts of writing a story. Besides writing daily, you can use simple writing prompts to open your imagination and guide you. 

  1. Lovers are meeting each other after a long time.
  2. A woman waking up from a bad dream.
  3. Start with a seemingly random number that will be a crucial part of the story.
  4. Start with a famous poem, quote, or saying.
  5. A couple discovers something grisly during their hike.
  6. A fire or a burning building.
  7.  Someone committing suicide.
  8. A playground where happy children are playing.
  9. A falling meteor is about to hit the earth.
  10. A man waking up from a car accident.
  11. A man running away in the dark.
  12. A chef cooking something in a dainty kitchen.
  13. A man staring at one of a Van Gogh painting.
  14. People running about in a busy market.
  15. A lonely, attractive teenager people-watching in a coffee shop.
  16. An elderly couple looking at old photographs.
  17. A geologist unearthing a complete dinosaur fossil.
  18. Scientists working in a laboratory.
  19. An attractive man reading a contract.
  20. A strong wind.

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