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Westerly Winds help writers progress and become the best in their craft.

Our primary goal is to be with you and foster a safe community as you work on your writing progress. 

We at Westerly Winds believe in the power of a supportive online community to help writers find their unique voice and transform them to become their best. Our practical structure, tools, and resources help writers ignite their creative passion for writing. 

Westerly Winds helps writers bring to life each writer’s original creations and exceptional work in whatever format and genre.

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Writers can connect with other writers through our online community forum, share their ideas, and engage in meaningful conversations. 

Various writing strategies, advice, and tips are accessible anytime, anywhere to help writers overcome writer’s block and keep them motivated. 

We are devoted to helping writers hone their craft skills and equip them with the necessary knowledge to succeed in the industry. From writing prompts, practical tips, insightful interviews, and workshops to writing competitions and professional service, we help all writers from any level realize their vision and achieve their dreams. 

Westerly Winds is here to guide you in every step of your writing career.