4 Tips to Effectively Engage Your Virtual Audience

Online events are a great way for authors to reach their audience and promote their books and other projects.

We have prepared four tips to help you engage your virtual audience.

1. Send out surveys prior 

Sending out surveys before the event is an effective way to have a projected number of attendees. Plus, you can tailor-fit your presentation according to the interest of your audience.

2. Prepare

Ensure that you have a stable internet connection during the event and have a backup router ready. Find a quiet, private space with natural light to set up your virtual stage.

Make sure your background is clean and organized with minimal possible interruptions.  

3. Use storytelling and humor

Generate conversation and establish rapport with your audience. Share personal and relatable stories and pepper some good humor to your talk to entertain and keep your audience’s attention.

4. Be mindful of your body language

Use your voice and gestures when telling a story. Since virtual events limit body movements entertaining our audience using body language can be challenging. Generate interest and create excitement by varying the cadence of your voice and tone. 

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