4 Things a Writer Should Never Do

To succeed in the writing industry, every writer must come up with his personal list of dos and don’t’s. 

1. Never assume that writing is easy

Writing is not easy, and it’s even more challenging as a profession. Never think that writing is just putting down words on paper. It is more than that.

2. Never write in someone else’s voice

Each writer has their unique writing voice, and that voice makes their work gets recognized. Never write something that is not coming from your truth. Find your unique voice and write in a way that only you can write.

3. Never hate someone for their feedback

People will have differing opinions about your writing, and not everyone will love them. Feedback can be hurtful sometimes, but use it to hone your craft and better your writing.

4. Never stop

If you are passionate about writing, then there’s really no reason for you to stop. You can pause, take a break, and rest for a while, but don’t ever stop.

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