3 Tips on How to Write a Clever Plot Twist

Readers love surprises and clever plot twists. It keeps them hooked and interested, and they get a small shock every time there’s an unexpected turn in the story. 

Here are some ways you can avoid predictability in your story.

1. A Shift in Point of View

Shifting of points of view is an effective way to surprise readers, especially in writing novels. Shifting perspectives from different characters can bring a lot of disbelief and wonderment to your story. 

2. Brainstorm

A writer must brainstorm all the possible ways a character might react to a likely scenario. The first few answers may be cliché and typical and will no longer surprise readers. Go for the fifth or sixth possible scenario to make your story unpredictable and more interesting.

3. Use subtle misdirection and foreshadowing

Make your readers think they know what’s going on in the story and disrupt the plot by revealing the twist. Don’t try too hard to misdirect your readers, instead offer subtle information and hints to make them dispel possible outcomes.

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