Poetry 101: 5 Common Types of Poetry

Poetry as an artistic expression is more than just profound and pretty words. A good poem is a carefully structured idea in distinct style and rhythm. 

Let us discuss some of the most popular forms of verbal artistry.

Free Verse

Free verse poetry has no pattern and formula, and they are the least defined type of poetry. Free verse is more irregular and improvised. As poetry that’s devoid of consistent structure, it allows writers to express emotions in words freely.


Sonnet came from the Italian word sonetto, meaning sound or song. It is a 14-line poem with internal rhymes. Sonnet usually delves into the topic of love and romance.


Inspired by the Japanese haiku, cinquains are 5-line poems with two syllables in the first and last lines and four, six, and eight syllables in the intervening three lines. The poem November Night by Adelaide Crapsey is a notable example of a cinquain.


Epics are lengthy narratives that detail the extraordinary and heroic feats of a hero or a character in the distant past. 


A ballad is a narrative that can be musical or poetic. It is a melodious form of storytelling that follows a rhymed pattern.

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