3 Tips for Writing About Controversial Topics in Fiction

Readers love controversy. 

Fiction writers, on the other hand, may find it challenging to write something contentious and provocative. Writing a fictional piece about a controversial issue can be challenging because many readers have strong feelings toward them.

Here are pieces of advice to help writers pen controversial yet moving fiction.

1. Stick to the truth

Lay a solid, proven, and factual foundation for your writing. Your credibility as a writer is as vital as your work, and the more controversial your writing is, the more it will be scrutinized. Base your piece on research and valid resources. 

2. Ask for the opinion of others

Different readers have varied interpretations. Ask other people to go over your draft and solicit their advice and perspective. Getting feedback as you write is a great way to get an initial idea of how people react to what you have written.

3. Know your goal

Writing about an inflammatory topic can be stressful and draining. Know your goal for writing about an issue and make it your anchor to sustain you in the process. 

Knowing the reason for your writing can help you craft your words to influence, raise awareness or educate your readers.

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