Shadow Research and Writing Something Outside Your Experience

A great novel is compelling and relatable. As writers, we often create something that is solely based on our personal experiences. However, that is not always the case. We can still effectively write something even if it is something we haven’t experienced. 

Shadow research in writing is crucial to tell and portray a story or character accurately. Through shadow research, writers can give an authentic and relatable experience to their audience.  The fundamental principle in shadow research is the writer’s ability to make truthful observations on the research subject.

For shadow research to be useful, writers must have a basic idea of what specific details they want to understand. Writers must also be ready to go out of their comfort zones and be willing to take the extra mile to make the most of their research. They must be confident and eager to ask awkward and uncomfortable questions to get the most honest answers.

Shadow research is a comprehensive examination of your subject. You can utilize the internet by going online and learning as much as you can. You can also visit places where you want to be your story’s setting and interview people who accurately represent your story’s characters.

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