When to Capitalize Job Titles?

When to capitalize a job title is a tricky question in writing. 

There are certain circumstances where you need to capitalize a job title. The standard rule of thumb is that job title capitalization depends on its placement in a sentence and its intended use.

Here are some instances where you need to capitalize a job title:

Before a name

Use lowercase if you are merely describing a job title. However, if you refer to someone with an esteemed and respected designation like Doctor or Professor, their title should be capitalized if it precedes their name.

Example: We asked Professor John Smith to join us at the conference.

When the name is not preceded by the word the

Capitalize job titles after a name when the word the does not appear before the job title. Don’t capitalize the job title if the word the is found before the job title.

Example: Ms. Cortez, Editorial Adviser, helped revise the draft.

Ms. Cortez, the editorial adviser, helped revise the draft.

When a job title is used instead of a name

Capitalize a job title if you are using it as a replacement for a person’s name.

Example: I’m sorry, General, but I disagree.

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